IS Normalization

Sara , November 19 2019
I was wondering what is the best normalization for my data from an untargeted work on plasma.
I used a mix of deuterated internal standards (from different lipid classes) spiked right before the extraction, I would used this mix for a semi quantitave analysis, also during the analysis I've included several QC (pool of plasma) to monitor the IS variation.
In the guidelines it is not mentioned if the normalization LOWESS (based on QC) is better than classic internal standard normalization.
I think that if I want to report my data as nmol/mL I have to normalized by IS, bu i'm not sure, what do you suggest?
Alan Maschek
Sounds like your only option would be to normalize to an IS of the same class by ratio to get you semi-quantitative data. You can run a LOWESS regression for batch effects, but it's independent of using the IS ratio.
Be sure to check out and/or utilize LipidQC when you get the chance. You'll learn a lot.