Guidelines for IS in lipid fingerprint

Rodolfo Dantas , May 06 2020
Rodolfo Dantas
I would like to know about the use of standards in shotgun lipidomics. Considering that I need to make a study based high-resolution mass spectrometry direct infusion (Q-TOF), and the aim of this analysis is just about fingerprinting between two cultures of fungi.
  1. Do I need to add standards in my samples (ever)?
  2. If in this analyses I don't add a standard, my identification stay compromised?
  3. Is it possible to consider it as qualitative analysis and carry out a potential identification?
  4. Can I identify the category and class of lipids using only precursor ions (MS1) in this case?
note: My samples were obtained in MSe mode (Waters equipment). Therefore, my MS2 is compromised because this analysis is in DIA mode, not DDA.