How to choose unlabelled "non-heavy" standards for untargeted lipidomics

Simon Dillon , May 14 2020
Simon Dillon
Hi All,
We have the following issue for trying to add in spiked-in standards for nontargeted lipidomics in human heparin plasma. We are already running a pooled control between every 5 real samples to help with batch variability. We need the spike-ins added to every sample as well.
We tried using pre-made heavy lipid mixes from Avanti Polar Lipids (SPLASH mixes).  However, my collaborator uses the LipidSearch Software.  LipidSearch has a defined list of lipids that it looks for, and it is proprietary software so we cannot add in the heavy standards to the lipid list so the software finds them.
Does anyone recommend any regular, non-heavy (or non-modified) lipids that we could test as spike ins to control for batch run variability?

We were thinking it would be a lipid (or set of lipids, one from each major class) we are not currently detecting so we do not "lose" that lipid due to the spike in altering the endogenous levels of that lipid. That means studying our list we are identifying right now and then seeing if Avanti Polar Lipids sells it. A bit tedious and time-consuming to do that.

Does anyone have a list of favorite/purchasable non-heavy lipids that could be used as potential spike-ins for human heparin plasma? We are only at the discovery phase of the project here, not the validation.
We are running a C18 RP column and using a Thermo Q-Exactive Plus, not sure of the buffers.
Thanks in advance,